I spend a lot of time thinking about what yoga is. Though the answer is always evolving, I feel that Yoga is both a point of view and a set of tools which has been helpful to me. It’s continually helps me recover from injury, relieve stress, think, study and even challenge myself. I love to dive into the complexity of these practices while simultaneously being in awe of their simplicity. 

I have been living, practicing and teaching Yoga and Dharma in Boston for the past 9 years. During that time I have studied with and by continually inspired by my teachers and mentors - most notably Barbara Benagh, Tom Alden and Ethan Nichtern. 

For me, practice is fundamentally about taking care of ourselves and it is from that viewpoint that I continue to teach classes, workshops and trainings at my studio - Bow Street Yoga - as well as privately in at my office in downtown Boston.     

Weekly Yoga + Meditation Classes



10-11:15am Yoga @ Bow Street Yoga

5:40-6pm Meditation ($5 drop-in) @ Bow Street Yoga 

6:15-7:30pm Yoga @ Bow Street Yoga 


9:30-10:45am Yoga @ Asana Charlestown


4-5:15pm Practice and Restore @ Asana Charlestown


10am Yoga (90mins) @ Bow Street Yoga


12pm Basics @ Bow Street Yoga

1:30-2pm Meditation ($5 drop-in) @ Bow Street Yoga

2-4pm @ Bow Street Yoga


200hr Yoga Studies

at Bow Street Yoga


300hr Teachers' Course

at Bow Street Yoga

Workshops + Continuing Education


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