Ryan Cunningham, Yoga Teacher
Ryan Cunningham, Yoga Teacher


My simple goal is to make yoga practical and applicable to anyone who walks into the classroom. Not everyone needs to take 90 mins out of their day for yoga asana practice, however learning the tools to integrate yoga practice into everyday life takes time, practice and teachers that are willing to share their honest experience of yoga.

Teaching yoga is a practice unto itself. This requires me to constantly explore and re-examine my own practice in an effort to understand the most effective pedagogy and methodology with which to communicate the practice of yoga to students. I strive to present a safe and balanced asana class that teaches students how to individualize the practice. My own studies and experiences have taught me that it is necessary for the student to go beyond “lather, rinse, repeat” instruction to develop a subtle understanding of their own body and mind. By cultivating this understanding, the body, mind and breath synchronize and we can glimpse the state of yoga on a very practical level.

A yoga asana class should be a venue for education, exploration, and cultivation of strength, stability, and clarity. It should also be an opportunity for students to refine the skillful means to help develop their own personal practice of asana, pranayama and/or meditation. All of these skills, tempered of course with a healthy sense of humor, make the study of a yoga a fantastic tool that can enhance our lives off the mat. With these goals in mind, I try to make every class a fun and challenging dialogue between myself and the students.


Yoga Basics with Ryan Cunningham


This class focuses on standing poses, simple backbends and balances to develop awareness, strength and coordination. For brand new beginners as well as experienced practitioners looking to refine the basics.

Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6pm

Alignment Yoga with Ryan Cunningham


This class works on a much more subtle level exploring not only the shape of the pose but the internal actions of the asana. Inversions, and deeper backbends are taught on a regular basis.

Thursday 5:45pm

Alignment Yoga with Ryan Cunningham


Learn to relax! Restorative sessions meld postures fully supported by props with pranayama and meditation. This class is for all levels.

all classes held at Back Bay Yoga Studio


Teacher Trainings, workshops, and retreats are a fantastic way to deepen your own practice. A full listing of programs are provided below.

"Most of all I want to teach people the tools to go practice on their own. As essential as it is to have fantastic teachers, in my own experience transformation and change only comes from personal practice." Ryan


Ryan Cunningham, Yoga Teacher

Turn Your Cell Phone Off?

Certainly cell phones have no place in the classroom. For many of us, our yoga asana class is the only time of day when we get to be truly unplugged. ... So how as teachers do we enforce this policy and protect the ability for our students to unplug?

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