200hr Year-long Course + Teacher Training

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The purpose of this course is to build a foundation for an independent, thoughtful and life-long yoga practice. Over the year-long program we will refine our awareness and develop the understanding to practice in support of one's overall well-being. From this foundation we can begin to share yoga with others in a meaningful way - if we so choose. This course will cover asana, pranayama, meditation and contemplative practices, as well as anatomy/biomechanics, philosophy, history and pedagogy. The group course work will be augmented throughout the year with monthly individual sessions, as well as online readings and support materials.

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Meet Your Teachers


I have practiced yoga for while now, and it continues to support me in living well, relieving pain, and yes even healing. This doesn’t mean there aren’t days where I’d rather not get on the mat or cushion. I have been very lucky to have wonderful teachers and mentors along to way to help refine my skills as a practitioner, teacher and bodyworker - Tom Alden, Barbara Benagh, and Ethan Nichtern to name a few.

It is my hope that this course can meet students where they are in their yoga path and refine their ability to practice and live well. For many folks that includes teaching/sharing yoga with others. After building from a common vocabulary of practice, this training will prepare students to start a teaching practice as well - if they want.

Additional Teachers

Core Curriculum

Twelve Weekends: Saturday 1:30-8:30pm | Sunday 1:30-4:30pm

Jan 18-19 | Feb 1-2 | Feb 15-16 | Feb 29-Mar 1 | Mar 14-15 | Mar 28-29 | Apr 11-12 | Apr 25-26 | May 16-17

Sept 26-27 | Oct 24-25 | Nov 7-8

The core weekends will balance practice, study, discussion, and a fair bit of rolling around on the floor :-). The first half of the year will be focused on building skills and understanding that will help us to refine our own practice of yoga. The second half of the year will be focused around pedagogy and practicum. The practicum component will be individualized based on each students’ interest in teaching.

1-on-1 Mentorship

12 Sessions (90 minutes each) with Ryan

Each student learns at their own pace, these sessions will help to clear up any questions that the student might have about the material. They also allow me to give more tailored guidance to each student based on their individual practices.

Restorative Immersion + Training

May 4-8 | 1:30-5:30pm each day

To paraphrase Judith Lasater: “The yoga mat has become a place of challenge”. While that challenge is not necessarily a bad thing, it can sometimes overwhelm the quieter aspects of the asana practice. Due to this tendency, understanding the restorative practice is perhaps an essential part of any modern yogis study. It is especially important as a teacher to have a basic understanding for the technique and physiology behind restoratives and relaxation in general. This week will be devoted to learning the foundational restorative postures as well as how to set them up and modify based on a students needs. As a bonus we will also spend a TON of time relaxing in these poses!

Retreat Week

August 3-7 with Ryan Cunningham and Fez Aswat

1:30-5:30pm each day

This weeklong retreat will explore how a clarity of meditation practice can frame our understanding of postural yoga practice, and how the yoga poses are themselves different contexts for meditation. Retreat style practice has been an invaluable part of understanding the possibilities of yoga practice for well being, and as such, Fez and Ryan are seeking to offer this practice format to our Boston yoga community. This retreat format offers the added benefit of a focused retreat where one can simply commute to the practice space and then head home thereby, discovering how a period of concentrated practice can be directly applicable to daily life.

Yogic Studies YS 101 Course

Online Yoga History + Philosophy Course

Join Seth Powell, PhD Candidate at Harvard University, for an immersive online course that will provide your YTTs with an in-depth introduction to yoga’s multifaceted history and philosophy. Through video lectures, slides, PDF handouts, quizzes, and optional readings, together we will journey from yoga’s shrouded origins as an ascetic tradition in ancient India, to the emergence of postural yoga in the West and around the globe—a journey that takes us from the periphery of premodern Indian civilization to the center of modern American health and wellness.

This course will be complete individually with scheduled group discussions of the content. Read more about this course here

Pricing Breakdown

12 Weekends (132hrs): $3300 - $2300

12 individual sessions (18hrs): 1800 - $1200

Restorative Training (20hrs): $350 - $220

Retreat Week (20hrs): $350 - $220

yogicstudies.com Course (20hrs): $175 - $100

Bow Street Yoga Membership: $1500 - $0

Total Tuition : $7,400 - $4000

Payment Plan

$100 Deposit

12 Automatic Payments of $325

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