Mentorship and Professional Training

A note from Ryan:

There are many opportunities nowadays to enroll in large group 200hr trainings. While these programs can be a great jumping off point for many, they can be daunting, overwhelming and in many cases lacking in terms of content. After years of leading trainings in these large group settings I believe that the best way to train dedicated students to teach is through 1-on-1 Mentorship. In the coming months I will be working on structuring this type of mentorship in such a way the it can fit within (and greatly surpass) the standards set forth by yoga alliance. My hope is to provide a unique and personalized experience so that each student can feel confident in their practice first, and if desired start - or continue - down the path of teaching.

This opportunity is for students who want to commit to study, continue their education as a practitioner, and potentially begin/refine the practice of teaching. Due to the realities of the current yoga industrial complex, I am in the process of formalizing this program in such a way the students will be able to pay for  200hr or 300hr registration through Yoga Alliance at the end of a period of study*.

*This is in no way of endorsement of the YA Registry. 

Additional Requirements:

  • Meditation Retreat/Study
  • Reading Assignments
  • Practice Homework
  • Practicum

Training Requirements:

  • 50 Private sessions (90 mins)
  • 50 Classes with approved teachers
  • Practicum Project
  • 40 hrs of chosen study


Tuition is a "pay as you go" model.


I see mentorship students at my office at 180 Lincoln Street, near South Station in downtown Boston.