Sukriti Dabral

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Hi, I’m Sukriti (they/them/theirs).  I’m a body-positive Indian-American yoga teacher, whose connection to the practice began as a child.  Raised Hindu, I learned philosophy and meditation from my family.  As an adult in brain-heavy Boston, I found myself stressed, anxious and uncomfortably directionless, until in late 2010 when I wandered into an asana class and learned what a powerful form of medicine it can be.  I’ve been practicing, learning and teaching whoever wants to listen, ever since.

In 2013 I studied with Cat Kabira in her 200hr Yoga and Energetics Level I teacher training, learning that a deep sense of empowerment arises from core connection and tuning into one’s energetic states.  I also completed Barbara Benagh’s 500hr In-Depth Studies and The Art of Teaching program in 2015, and with the added influence of Sarah Powers’ teachings continue to study the subtle aspects of an unhurried practice.

I weave together what I’ve learned of the gross body, energetics, breath, movement and meditation, in order to give students new access to increased wellness and also a deeper sense of self-knowledge.  My ultimate goal is for students to cultivate ease, strength, and trust starting with a more attuned relationship with their own bodies.