“yoga is a practice of spiritual wellness” - Tom Alden D.C.

This definition of yoga is at the center of my own personal practice and my 1-on-1 work with folks.

While yoga and bodywork has incredible potential for relief and even improvement, my primary objective is to integrate various modalities to enhance the students awareness and understanding of their own body and overall somatic experience. My intention is both to support students well-being and assist them in being able to care for themselves.

Each session involves a some combination of bodywork, yoga asana, breath work and meditation. the balance of modalities is based a mutual agreement between myself and the students. In other words, some session may consist entirely of manual therapy (bodywork or massage) and some may be more strongly focused on yoga asana or movement exercises. This balance can evolve from session to session.

Coming Soon...

pending licensure I will be integrating bodywork into my private practice at bow street yoga and boston yoga union 


Sessions can be scheduled at Bow Street Yoga and at Boston Yoga Union or online via zoom.

All sessions are 1hr long unless otherwise agreed upon.

Until the completion of my license all sessions booked in studio will be focused around yoga instruction and mentorship. If you would like to book a bodywork session please click here.


30 minute session- $65

60 minute session- $100

pricing packages are available for ongoing membership.

All sessions are subject to a 48 hr cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 48hrs from the appointment time you will be charged for 50% of the session fee.

Boston Yoga Union

1112 Boylston, 3rd floor

Boston MA


Bow Street Yoga

34 Bow Street 1st Floor

Somerville MA



 While group classes and workshops have been extremely valuable in my process, some of the most valuable experiences of yoga have occurred in the context of 1-on-1 sessions. These sessions can be focused based on the each students needs and interests however they tend to revolve around the following broad topics:

  1. Learning the Fundamentals: Many students are interested in filling in the gaps of their yoga education - especially as public classes become shorter and shorter. Topics often include, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, and of course more detailed instruction in the physical asanas.

  2. Application: Learning how to the yoga practice can be applied to our overall sense of wellness is a valuable focus for 1-on-1 work. This conversations ranges from how to start a self practice, to how to specifically apply the fundamentals in a therapeutic way.

  3. Professional Mentorship: Since many practitioners entrance into deeper study arises with their interest in teaching yoga/meditation, 1-on-1 mentorship can be helpful in order to have an ongoing pedagogical conversation once students have left teacher training.