Why sign up for private sessions?


Here are a few reasons: 

  • Injury/physical limitation. *
  • A compliment to physical therapy.*
  • Individualized meditation and/or pranayama Instruction. 
  • Individualized instruction on specific postures.
  • Guidance in developing/refining a home practice.
  • Basic instruction to prepare for attending public classes.
  • 1-on-1 mentoring for new teachers.

*While yoga and meditation has been shown to have countless benefits, I do not believe yoga to be prescriptive or for that matter a replacement for medical/psychological care. That being said the simple act of moving and breathing can have immense benefits no matter what physical condition we are in and can certainly aid in relieving physical pain, stress, anxiety and much more. 

What to Expect:

Since every person is unique it is hard to describe a typical session. In general, my goal for students is consistent practice - which doesn't mean a 90 min asana class. 

Depending on the students needs sessions can consist of guided practice and/or discussion on a number of topics but generally focused on refining and personalizing ones own practice. The first time I work with you we will do a 90 min session so that we have time for a bit of orientation. I usually assign a bit of "homework" each time which might help integrate what we worked on over the course of the session into practice. 

Sessions can also be oriented around a students practice of teaching yoga, and when appropriate a longer term mentorship can be discussed and customized. 


How often do students attend?

Every student and every situation is different so the frequency of sessions is quite varied. Some students once a week, some come once every few months when questions arise. 

I am happy to accommodate people's unique scheduling/financial situation as my goal is to share this practice, in a direct pragmatic way.

For that reason I am also happy to work with students via Skype, to discuss and refine personal/home practice. 

Pricing (sliding scale available):

$100 per 60 minute session

$140 per 90 minute session