Hi, my name is Ryan (they/them/theirs). For me, Yoga is a practice through which I cultivate wellness. In order to do that my practice begins with awareness training - simply being able to feel and perceive my own experience in any given moment. Beyond that, the asana, pranayama, techniques simply become avenues through which I can see myself more clearly - a process which I find both helpful and challenging.

My main mentor and teacher is Tom Alden, with whom I study yoga therapy. I have also studied and been deeply influenced by Barbara Benagh, Ethan Nichtern, Leslie Kaminoff and Judith Lasater.

I am interested in teaching a more holistic perspective in regards to practice. I want to move away from the idea that there is a “correct”, “classical”, “traditional” form that we should strive for. I want students to be able to think and a practice for themselves in a way that supports their lives on and off the mat.

Currently I teach a wide variety of programs at my studio, Bow Street Yoga, Boston Yoga Union, and Asana Charlestown. In addition, I host and produce two podcasts: Unrolled Podcast (with Kate Robinson) and Just Yoga.

The 1-on-1 format is my preferred method of working with folks. It allows me to honor the individual nature of each person and their yoga practice. In this setting we can have a more meaningful conversation about how to apply the awareness and understanding that can develop in yoga practice to ones everyday life.

Sessions can focus on education (learning skills, techniques), bodywork/massage, or a combination of the two based on the students interest and needs. Some students also seek the 1-on-1 setting for the purpose of mentorship in teaching yoga. Overall the focus of any session is to mutually agree on how our work together can be most supportive to your yoga practice and everyday life.

All sessions are offered on a sliding scale. Students are encouraged to pay according to their means and are by no means locked into the pricing tier they initially choose. If you can offer more one week, great! It will help offset the cost for someone who may not be able to.

Series | Workshops | Retreats

Delve further in to a specific topic or support your practice by taking a day, weekend or a week to focus and relax.


9:30-10:45am @ boston yoga union

5:40-6pm meditation @ bow street yoga (pay what you can)

6:15-7:30pm @ bow street yoga


10-11:15am @ bow street yoga


9:30-10:45am @ asana charlestown


9:30-10:45am @ yogaworks - back bay

11:15-12:45am @ boston yoga union

4:30-5:45pm @ bow street yoga (pay what you can)* 


12-1:15pm basics @ bow street yoga (pay what you can)* 

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