For Week 11:

  1. 30 Min Practice Template:

6 mins Meditation

6 mins Pranayama

12 mins Asana

6 mins Rest and Reflect

2. Ask, Listen, List:

What do I care about?

What do I need for support to make it through the end of the semester?

Course Assignements:

Assignment 1: Journal

Students will be asked to keep a practice journal. I find it helpful if this practice journal encompasses both yoga and music. The practice assignments will shift slightly from week to week but it is to your benefit to practice on your own outside of class. A little practice each day goes a really long way. These journals will be checked during the "Final Exam".

Journal Check date: May 4th

Assignment 2: Read Yoga for Musicians

This will be assigned chapter by chapter throughout the course of the semester.

Assignment 3: Outside Class Reflection

I would like students to venture out and take one yoga classes outside of our weekly meetings during the course of the semester. I would like you to write a short 1 page reflection  (single spaced) on each of your experiences. Given everyone’s busy schedules it will helpful to get these done early in the semester if possible.

Due Date: Week of April 22nd

Assignment 4: Class Reflection

Students will write a 1-2 page (single spaced) reflection on their experience of yoga after taking this course. This should include whether or not they see/experience it as beneficial to their overall wellness and practice of music.

Due Date: Week of April 29th