2019 Retreat Days

Saturdays 12-8pm at Bow Street Yoga

Early Bird Pricing $495 if registered for all 4 before Jan 5th

bow street yoga members receive 30% off

why retreat?


The purpose of retreat for me is to first experience relief from the stresses of everyday life - to recharge the battery as it were. Beyond the experience of relief, there is the possibility of quieting the mind and engaging in inquiry that may not feel accessible in an everyday practice. The hope is that the process of quieting can become familiar enough that in shorter practices - or moments of difficulty - we can call upon this sense of clarity more readily.

Most of my formal retreat experiences have centered around either asana or meditation - and therefore can feel misaligned from my practice. It is with that in mind that I aim to offer retreat experiences that pay as much attention to the physical as to the intellectual, emotional and spiritual layers of practice.

The day long retreats at bow street yoga are also meant to provide folks with a taste of retreat practice without having to leave the city or dive into a more lengthy retreat setting.

Ready for a little more?

Insight Yoga & Meditation Retreat

February 18-20th at Yogaworks - back bay

with Fez aswat and ryan CUnningham


Friday Feb 18th - 7:30-9:30pm

Saturday Feb 19th - 10-4pm

Sunday Feb 20th - 10-4pm

$250 || $50 for friday night

The weekend teaching will explore how a clarity of meditation practice can frame our understanding of postural yoga practice and how the yoga poses are themselves different contexts for meditation. For Ryan and Fez, retreat style practice has been an invaluable part of understanding the possibilities of yoga practice for well being and, as such, they are seeking to offer this practice format to our Boston yoga community. This weekend program will integrate and weave 4+ hours of yoga, 4+ hours of meditation, daily dharma talks as well as ample time for discussion.