200hr Yoga Studies + Teacher Training

Led by Ryan Cunningham | Hosted at Bow Street Yoga

Begins January 12th, 2019 | Limited to 10 Humans


This in-depth training is meant to develop each student's personal relationship to yoga practice.  The curriculum is organized around four aspects: 

  • Dharma & Philosophy
  • Understanding the Human Body
  • Skills, Forms, and Techniques
  • Effective Teaching Strategies 

Throughout the course of the year students will focus on learning about themselves, the human body and how they engage with practice. This sets the stage in the latter half of the year to learn and explore the process of teaching yoga in a way that is grounded in our own experience. 



Semester 1:

Jan 12 - April 27

Saturdays 4-8pm

Self Practice Intensive

June 3 - 7

1:30-5:30pm each day

Restorative Intensive

August 5-9

1:30-5:30pm each day

Semester 2:

Sept 7th - Dec 14

Saturdays 4-8pm


$250 per month (just the course)

Billed on the 15th of the month; $3000 Total 

$300 per month (includes unlimited membership at bow street yoga)

Billed on the 15th of the month; $3600 Total

First payment is due by December 15th 2018. 

Tuition includes: 

  • 30 - Saturday evening training sessions 
  • Self Practice Intensive 
  • Restorative Immersion 
  • 30% discounts on workshops at Bow Street Yoga 
  • $12 drop-ins at Bow Street Yoga (if not on the membership option)

200hr Yoga Studies + Teacher Training



This training is geared towards students with an interest in studying and thinking about yoga as well as how it integrates into their lives. Many students who take this course may be interested in teaching at some point - which is awesome! The view of this training is that to be a helpful teacher we have to cultivate the ability to think simply and clearly about our own practice. From that place we can begin to look at strategies to communicate the process of yoga to others.

Semester I: An individualized approach to practice. 

Jan 6th - April 17th | Saturdays 4-8pm

As yoga classes get shorter and shorter, there often isn't enough time to discuss the purpose behind the techniques of yoga practice. The main focus of this first semester look at why we practice yoga and how the forms, poses and techniques can be explored in a way that is congruent with what we want. The first semester also serves as a way to develop a common language of yoga practice which sets the stage to explore the process of teaching later in the year. Students learn and participate in dialogue around the following:

  • how to describe the body and it's movements in simple terms. 
  • how to understand "pose" as process, not just a shape.
  • an introduction to meditation
  • how the historical context of modern yoga effects us as practitioners 


Self-Practice Intensive: 

June 3-7 | 1:30-5:30 each day

This intensive is an opportunity for students to refine their ability to practice independently. Each day starts with a dharma talk, meditation, and a presentation of a framework for the days practice. The students then practice on their own, during which Ryan will be available to answer questions, offer assistance and just generally be helpful. Each day will end with a discussion of what worked, what didn't, and what was interesting about the day. 


Restorative Immersion: 

August 6-10th | 1:30-5:30pm each day

There are many different understandings of what restorative yoga is or isn't in the wider yoga culture. Instead of offering a distinct definition, this course explores the following question: how do we support ourselves in practice? Using this as a starting point we will look - with a critical eye - at the forms typically associated with restorative yoga and look at: 

  • What is our experience of rest?
  • How can we support ourselves prompt a relaxation response?
  • Is the pose inherently restful/restorative?

We will also discuss how to integrate these forms into our own practice as well as look at common issues in teaching restorative yoga. 


Semester II: 

Sept 8th - Dec 15th | Saturdays 4-8pm

Building on the foundation set in the earlier half of the year, we will start to look the process of teaching yoga to others. Sharing yoga is a practice unto itself - one that you really only can refine by doing. That being said the second semester of the training will be divided between refining, reinforcing the concepts from semester I, and practicum. 

The second semester will culminate in students having the opportunity to teach in a public setting. Since many students who take training do not have an interest in teaching publicly, this final practicum is not a requirement. 

Questions? Feel free to Reach out! 

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